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Once I Was A Bear

A little bear passes the days splashing, climbing, tumbling and thumping, feeling safe and surrounded by forest friends. When he senses change in the air, it's time to curl up for a long, deep slepp. But when he wakes, he's a boy in a different word, one with loud noises, tall towers and strange faces. Can he find a way to feel the same again?

This sensitively imagined story encourages anyone who reads it find their own way to be joyfully at home in the world.

Irene was inspired to write Once I Was a Bear upon discovering that her son, who is on the Autism spectrum, seems most at home in natural surroundings. "As a result," she says, "his dad and I started calling him 'our little bear.' His powerful imagination, abilities, and sensitivities enlighten me every day."

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  August 24th 2020

"Transitions, transformations, and distinctive perspectives are elegantly evoked in Luxbacher's signature watercolour, acrylic, and collage illustrations. The text poetically expresses feelings of dislocation, vulnerability, and strength." ... read more

  June 29, 2020

"[Enourages] the appreciation of one's own story and recognizing different experiences of loss and change. Imaginative and poetically resonant." ... read more

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