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  • Robot, Unicorn, Queen
  • Robot, Unicorn, Queen
  • Robot, Unicorn, Queen

Robot, Unicorn, Queen

Shannon Bramer's follow-up to her much-loved poetry book Climbing Shadows is a collection of poems that explore a range of childhood experiences. Many poems reveal what it feels like to be a child - to pretend and dream and play with abandon, as well as to hurt and regret and feel sorrowful.

In the opening poem a child welcomes their newborn sibling, while the last poem is a surreal lullaby. In between we find poems about a child who listens to a toad, who feels left out, who loves the beach, who must practice piano, whose pet budgies have died, who visits their father on weekends, and more.

Readers young and old will see themselves in these beautifully illustrated poems - a collection full of laughter, tears and wonder.

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"Accompanying each poem is a stunning illustration from Luxbacher that uses a mix of watercolor and collage. The images are bright and soft, evocative of playfulness, and simultaneously hazy like a warm memory." ... read more

"Unique windows on childhood … Robot, Unicorn, Queen is a wonderful collection.. The illustrations provide colourful, imaginative and dreamlike images to delight all readers!" ... read more

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